Who wore it better?

Every once in awhile you’ll catch celebrities wearing the same thing. Although, rarely at the same event. Imagine the feeling of seeing someone else wearing the same thing as you but better? Celebrities are always compared to one another on their sizes and what they wear.

Miley vs. Rosie
Obviously they both look ah-mazing. BUT, I personally believe Miley has Rosie slightly beat. The clothing it’s self is exactly the same, but it’s the little things like the accessories and hair that make all the difference. Miley’s short hair and simple gold high neck necklace leave this look polished and put together. Rosie’s long thicker necklace overdoes it and her hair down doesn’t show off her collarbone. 20131114-205432.jpg

Taylor vs. Heidi
Such a fabulous look. The simple silver dress that you can easily dress up or down. I’m going with Heidi on this one. Sorry Taylor. I love the fact that her shoes are very simple and keeps the focus on the dress. The fact that her hair is up really pulls the look together and shows off the dress perfectly. The way taylor wore it didn’t catch my attention as much as Heidi. 20131114-205449.jpg

Jennifer vs. Kim
My my. All those curves. They both look spectacular in that Donna Karan gray drape plunging neckline. It hugs their bodies wonderfully and flatters all the right places. Although, I’m loving Jennifer more then Kim’s look. The fact that the clothing was sewed together for the chest part balances perfectly with the high cut in the front. Kim’s is just too much with the deep neckline. 20131114-205523.jpg

Julianne vs. Jennifer
Looks like Jennifer’s been on a role. Looking fantastic as always, Julianne and Jennifer’s dresses are identical but they both wear it very differently. Jennifer is rocking the black nylons, black boots, and black hat to give that geometric dress even more excitement. Julianne leaves it basically plain without much to look at. Jennifer totally got my vote. 20131114-205537.jpg

Bee vs. Katy
M Pick is easy. Katy for sure. Katy spices up that collared floral dress with black nylons, shoes, hat, and motorcycle. Bee on the other hair looks kinda boring to me. There’s nothing to it and it looks too simple.



2013 CMA Awards: BEST and WORST Dressed

We all know walking down the red carpet is an honor. From ocassions like the Oscars, VMAs, CMAs, and many more. This article focuses on the 2013 CMA Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities.

WORST: Shawna Thompson. There was nothing flattering about it. It looked and felt awkward. It was almost bringing back the 80’s. 20131110-223003.jpg

WORST: Lynn Anderson. Everything about this look looks heavy. The brown and white is almost boring and and she resembles a big indian feather. She, herself, looks gorgeous as always, but her ‘dress’ was a big miss.20131110-223314.jpg

BEST: Hayley Orrantia. Everything about this look is sweet and simple. The simple lace top and full floral skirt seems to be in trend and looking fabulous. 20131110-223857.jpg

WORST: Aubrey Peeples. Wrong, wrong, and wrong. It’s all wrong. The solid baneau underneath doesn’t go with the sheer black lace on top. And the full skirt is just to high on the hips. It’s simply just too short and unsophisticated. 20131110-223517.jpg

BEST: Jana Kramer. A slight resemblance to Hayley Orrantia, but still looking stunning. Almost like a darker version of Hayley’s. The fitted long sleeved top works perfect with the floral full length skirt. 20131110-224053.jpg

BEST: Miranda Lambert. Looking stunning in her royal blue full length dress. That plunging neckline looking sexy but not overboard. Job well done Miranda. 20131110-224214.jpg

WORST: ┬áCassadee Pope. Amazing voice, not so amazing dress. From top to bottom, it is all just awful. The lines are not proportioned. It’s random and looks cheap. 20131110-224433.jpg

BEST: Carrie Underwood. Looking incredible as always in a skin colored beaded gown. From the hair and makeup to the dress itself, everything was spot on. 20131110-224751.jpg

BEST: Taylor Swift. Taylor has a unique style where you either like it or you don’t. She blew me away this time. The full red gown was definitely a show stopper.