Top 8 Fashion Don’ts

Now now, this is one tricky topic. There is such diverse style in this world where some might say fashion is all about ones opinion. Well, in a way they have a point, but some things are just common sense. Most of us have already discovered what our style is and how to wear it best, but some things just simply should not be worn in public. 


1. Too short trousers. Nobody likes those awkward length pants. There’s simply unflattering and it looks like you can’t afford properly fitted clothes. If you’re a difficult height and size to shop for, opt for a pair too long because you can always shorten them yourself to the proper length. 

2. Neon makeup. This goes without saying. The whole point of makeup is to enhance and brighten up the features you already have. When I say brighten, I don’t mean you should resemble a headlight, but more to draw attention to your better features. Women love to experiment with makeup which is a wonderful and fun thing to do, but looking like a clown is just downright embarrassing. 

3. Panty lines! An enormous don’t. You don’t want to be that women that walks by and has a group of girls laughing at your lined uneven butt. A simple thong will do the trick. And if you’re not comfortable in thongs, full lace underwear will work just as good. 

4. Socks and sandals. It’s horrifying. There’s no way around this look or even any way to improve it. Homeless is the first word that comes to mind when I see it. No one wants to look poor. Find any pair of closed toed shoes and wear those instead. Or you could just take off the socks all together and just wear the sandals. I’m sorry girls, but there’s no way around this one. 

5. Baggy on baggy. You might as well be a bag! Oversized sweaters and shirts will always be on trend, but nothing that looks like it’s drowning your entire body. Remember, if the top is baggy then the bottoms must be fitted and vise versa. 

6. Furry chewbacca boots. Even in the winter these boots are a major no no. It doesn’t have anything to do with how you wear it or what color. The boots themselves are just hideous. 

7. Accessory overload. We’ve all heard this before, but that doesn’t excuse it from being a major ‘don’t’. You know that rule ‘always take off one accessory before you leave the house’? Well it is the most helpful rule in the fashion industry. Some designers literally will do this to their model before they send them down the runway. 

8. Shiny leggings, jeggings, or pants. One word. Loud. Loud isn’t always bad though. IF it’s done tastefully. Unfortunately there is nothing tasteful about reflective bottoms. It reminds me of disco, and there’s nothing cute about that.