Fashion Diversity



This is the beginning of a blog where style counts and taste matters. Fashion is all about diversity. Think back to the 80’s whereImage pads, parachute pants, and leg warmers were ‘in’. Now I bet none of you would be caught dead in any of it. Trends change everyday. One day it’s skinny jeans and the next it’s maxi skirts. Or how it went from gladiator sandals to canvas sneakers. Seasons and celebrities have a huge impact on fashion. When you think of summer it’s all baby tanks and high waisted shorts. Spring is full of pastels and floral sundresses. Fall surrounds the light sweaters, thin scarfs, and warm colored leggings. Then there’s winter where the fur jackets, wool coats, and leather boots are finally broken out. Each year something changes. How we have gone from solid colored leggings to printed ones. And how flat sneakers have been turned into heeled ones. Society is the key of all the new trends. Companies look at statistics and surveys of what the the common population wants and prefers. Now I’m not saying that every so called ‘fad‘ is a hit, but rather a miss. Now if you’re interested in the latest trends and hot style tips, then you are in for a treat with Satin Sequins.