Is Orange Really the New Black?

Spring and summer 2014 fashion trends are showing that orange is the new black. Really? Orange? Orange is a wonderful color for spring and summer because it’s playful and bright. However, it’s not a universal color like black. I’m no expert, but orange just doesn’t seem right.

Black is the new black! You can pair anything with the color black. No matter what season or time of day. Black may seem unoriginal and basic, but it has and will always be the most versatile color.

You may be thinking that black is a little too harsh for during the day or summertime. If that’s the case then go for white. White may seem plain and boring, but it all depends what you pair it with.

During the day, wear that white bikini and white floppy hat to the beach. It’s sexy yet pure and simple. As night approaches, throw on that classy little black dress and heels because it will never go out of style and still flatter any body.

The runway may scream orange, but it doesn’t say much to me. Black will always be modern and sleek and go with anything laying around in your closet. Of course feel free to let me know what color is your new black!


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