Bikini Body Ready

It’s summer! And you know what that means. It’s all about bikinis and fun in the sun. Looks like we already have some celebrities rocking that perfect summer body.

Michelle Keegan and boyfriend Mark Wright are looking fabulous as always at a beach in Dubai. The matching black bathing suits are complimenting to both and are number one on my Bikini Body Ready list.


Olga Kent is looking perfect as always at Miami Beach. No question about it that her body is summer ready. And that bikini is just gorgeous on her!


Let’s not forget the gorgeous Halle Berry. She may be 47 and have two children, but she puts 23 year olds to shame. She’s always had a perfect body and didn’t let being a mom change that. Good for you Halle! And let’s not forget beautiful Nahla in the picture!


Miley Cyrus seems to be a hit or miss for some people. Let’s put no judgement on her for a moment and really look at her. She is beautiful and that body takes work. She looks wonderful in that all black bikini. Good job Miley!


Oh my. Jennifer Lawrence is rocking that blue bikini while at the beach in Hawaii. This photo may be back in 2012, but her body has always been admirable. Hands down one of my favorite actress and body.



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